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This is a web-site for communities located in Northwest Escambia. Those communities are Bratt, Byrneville, Century, Davisville, Enon, McDavid, Nokomis, Oak Grove, Pineville, and Walnut Hill. 

"The sky is beginning to show some streaks of light over in the East there, behind our mount'in. The morning star always gets wonderful bright the minute before it has to go, -- doesn't it? Well, I'd better show you how our town lies. Up here--is Main Street. Way back there is the railway station; tracks go that way . . . ." (Wilder, Our Town: Act 1: Scene 1).

Check out this link to a nearby site called Turtle Point Environmental Science Center. It's unbelievable that a place like that is so near to us! Although it is in Flomaton, Alabama (not one of our original 10 communities featured), we wanted you to know about it! Check it out!




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The Media Production class organized at Northview High School in 1999, had as one of its primary goals the historial written preservation of surrounding communities. As time progressed, interest escalated, and students and other community members diligently worked to research old legends, facts, and myths that are connected in some way or another with our Northwestern towns. As a viewer, what you are about to embark upon is something of which we are very proud; however, we also hope to continually add to this web-site. Every day is a new day added to our history, our heritage and our purpose. It is that history and that purpose that makes wonderful reading on this web-site. Please feel free to contribute your pictures, articles, and financial assistance toward the continuance of this community endeavor. All sponsors are recognized accordingly.

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Oak Grove
Walnut Hill

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